Tiffany's Flower

Chloe and Nathan Weddings at Tiffany's Cinematic Film

Late last year in the middle of my video competition, I received this comment from a random guy ,

" Wow, it certainly got very dusty watching this. Both their speeches hit home. I believe in love at first sight and being with my special lady for over 30 years shows that. I to suffer depression and PTSD along with a traumatic brain injury. Throughout my recovery journey, my beautiful daughter held me, cuddled me, put up with my outbursts and drove me to my appointments. She just 'was there' for me. To win this for her wedding in May 19 would be the perfect return gift and thank you to her and her awesome husband to be. Thank you, an angel disguised as my daughter, you did things that I could never repay in a million years. Chloe Louise Harries" -

When I learned that it was Chloe's dad, I knew right then and there that we're in for a wedding that is full of LOVE and EMOTIONS ..Chloe and Nathan's wedding is not just a story of two people declaring their love for one another, it is also an inspiring story between father and daughter and probably the best father of the bride toast we have ever seen.